IX Annual conference 'Strategic infrastructure Bulgaria 2014', March 27th, 2014

The Annual Conference “Strategic Infrastructure Bulgaria ”, organized by The City Media Group since 2005,  is the most influential conference in the field of strategic infrastructure in Bulgaria. The event provided a high-level platform through which the public sector and institutions, leading companies in the sector and experts communicated and discussed trends, policies and strategies in the planning, financing, construction and development of strategic infrastructure projects in Bulgaria and the region.

 The ninth edition of The Annual Conference “Strategic Infrastructure Bulgaria  2014  held on 27 March 2014, at Sofia Event Center, Sofia, Bulgaria.



  • Strategic infrastructure Bulgaria – priorities 2014 – 2020. Connectivity and effectiveness of infrastructure – a factor for investments, competiveness and economy growth and mobility concept of passengers and cargos. Experience and conclusions from project implementation in 2007-2013 programming period – the business point of view.
  • Transport and transport infrastructure ‘Bulgaria 2014 – 2020’ – priorities and challenges. Innovations in management and services – new axis in the operational programme.  Quality and innovations in projects – connection between education and business.
  • Modernization of railroad infrastructure. Priorities 2014-2020. Challenges in implementation of railroad development projects in Bulgaria. Rehabilitation of railroad stations. Renewal of the rolling stock. Sofia metro development. Phase III of first and second metro axes. Third metro axis. Challenges in the implementation of Sofia metro.
  • Road infrastructure – projects 2014. Priorities 2014-2020. Motorways and first class roads, city ring roads, road facilities.  Traffic safety of highways and roads class I of the republican network and the large cities.
  • PPP in Bulgarian strategic infrastructure projects
  • Industrial infrastructure – strategic key factor for development of Bulgarian economy.
  • Reforms in the Bulgarian water sector. Strategy for the Bulgarian water sector. Environment operational programme projects. Waste treatment projects and policies. Current projects, good practices. Innovation and technologies.

-  Representatives of ministries – Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Investment Design, Ministry of Tranposport, Information Technologies and Communications, Ministry of Economy and Energy,  Ministry of Environment and Water.
-  Representatives of state agencies and commissions
-  Mayors and representatives of municipalities
-  Construction companies
-  Investors and investment funds
-  Leading companies of production sector
-  Logistic companies
-  Advisory companies
-  Engineers
-  Construction supervision companies
-  Suppliers of innovative products and solutions related to the development of strategic infrastructure
-  Banks
- Legal offices and audit companies
- Branch organizations
- Embassies and trade representations
- Insurance companies

✓The most influential conference in the sector of strategic infrastructure in Bulgaria since 2005
✓High level of institutional attendance – Representatives of ministries – Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Investment Design, Ministry of tranposport, Information technologies and Communications, Ministry of economy and energy,  Ministry of Environment and Water.
✓ Presence of leading companies in the market performing the largest projects in Bulgaria
✓ Public platform for professional discussion related to the policies, priorities and trend in main sectors of strategic infrastructure
✓ Presentation of project progress in the country and the region
✓ Presentation of innovative products and practices

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